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Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy for New gTLDs (SDRP)

ADNDRC provides SDRP for new gTLD Registry Operators to adopt in order to fulfil the requirement as stated in the Applicant Guidebook and their Registry agreement with ICANN.

Since 2013, ADNDRC has been appointed by the Registry Operators to provide Sunrise Dispute Resolution Seriveces for the newly delegated new gTLDs as follows:

Registry Operator TLD(s) Policy
Beijing Qianxiang Wangjing Technology Development Co., Ltd.<.ren> ENG
China Organizational Name Administration Center<.政务> <.公益> ENG
China Internet Network Information Center <.公司> <.网络> ENG
Excellent First Limited <.慈善> ENG
Elegant Leader Limited <.xin> ENG
Guangzhou Yu Wei Information Technology Co., Ltd. <.广东> <.佛山> ENG
HUYI Global Information Resources (Holding) Company Hong Kong Limited<.商标> <.餐厅> ENG
Jiangsu Bangning Science & Technology Co., Ltd. <.top> ENG
Rise Victory Limited <.時尚> ENG

  • Rules for Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy (the "Rules"): English

  • Guidelines for Electronic Submissions

  • Case Filing Instructions:
    Method 1: Submission by Email

    Filing a Complaint

    1. Download and complete Complaint (Form C(SD))
    2. Submit the completed Complaint (Form C(SD)) with Complaint Transmittal Coverpage (CTC) and Annexes via email to
    3. Settle the case filing fee in accordance with the Fee Schedule below and Article 13 of the Supplemental Rules and provide documentary verification of the payment by email to

    Filing a Response

    1. Download and complete Response (Form R(SD))
    2. Submit the completed Response (Form R(SD)) with Annexes via email to hkiac@adndrc.org
    3. Settle the response fee in accordance with the Fee Schedule below and Article 13 of the Supplemental Rules and provide documentary verification of the payment by email to , if applicable.
      Method 2: Submission by Online System
    Filing a Complaint:
        Filling a Response:
    (The link for Online Submission of Response will be provided by the Relevant Office by its email notification to Respondent.)

    Schedule of Fees (US Dollars)

    1. The applicable fees for documents-only administrative procedure are specified as follows:

      Number of Domain Name involved in the Complaint Fee for Panelists ADNDRC's
      Total Fees
      Single Panelist Three Panelists Single Panelist Three Panelists
      1 to 2 domain names US$700 Presiding Panelist:US$1,000
      Each Co-Panelist: US$600
      US$600 US$1,300 US$2,800
      3 to 5 domain names US$900 Presiding Panelist:US$1,200
      Each Co-Panelist: US$700
      US$700 US$1,600 US$3,300
      6 to 9 domain names US$1,100 Presiding Panelist:US$1,400
      Each Co-Panelist: US$800
      US$800 US$1,900 US$3,800
      10 domain names or more (to be determined by the relevant office of the ADNDRC)

    2. If any amendments are required due to deficiencies in the Complaint (Form C(SD)), an additional charge of US$150 shall accompany any resubmission.
    3. Fees to be paid to the Hong Kong Office of the Centre in accordance with the Supplemental Rules shall be paid by draft made payable to "Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre" in the event the proceedings are to be administered by the Centre's Hong Kong Office. All fees to be paid are in US Dollars. Telegraphic transfers shall be made as follows:

        Account Name: Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
        Bank Code: 004
        Account Number: 567 190897 001
        Bank: Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
        Address: 1, Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong
        SWIFT Code: HSBC HK HHH KH

    4. The Complainant shall be responsible for paying the total fees provided that the Respondent has to share the fees when the Respondent chooses to have the Complaint decided by three (3) Panelists while the Complainant has chosen a single (1) Panelist.
    5. The said fees do not include any payments that might have to be made to a lawyer representing a Party.
    6. All bank charges, transfer fees or other amounts that may be levied in connection with a payment made to the relevant Office of the Centre shall be the responsibility of the Party making the payment.


    Download Forms

    Microsoft Word Version

    • Form C(SD) (Complaint Form): English
    • Form R(SD) (Response Form): English
    Adobe PDF Version
    • Form C(SD) (Complaint Form): English
    • Form R(SD) (Response Form): English

    The PDF format requires your computer to have the Acrobat Reader installed. If this is not the case, you can download a free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.  

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