ADNDRC Decision Drafting Guidelines for UDRP Proceedings

ADNDRC Decision Drafting Guidelines for UDRP Proceedings

April, 2022

The ADNDRC is pleased to introduce the ADNDRC Decision Drafting Guidelines for UDRP Proceedings (Guidelines). The Guidelines have been prepared to assist those who are drafting decisions for the first time or have drafted a limited number of decisions to date.

The Guidelines cover the following areas:

  • Formality of decision
  • Content of the decision
  • Practical considerations

It also includes decision templates and sample decisions in English, Chinese and Korean.

Wang Chengjie, Chair of ADNDRC welcomes the Guidelines, “The quality of decisions is essential for the effectiveness of the UDRP proceedings. We are delighted to present a helpful reference for the panellists in drafting the decisions. These guidelines represent the collective efforts of the four ADNDRC offices in establishing best practices in the UDRP proceedings.”

Kiran Sanghera, Secretary General of ADNDRC comments, “We are pleased to have produced these guidelines to support panellists in rendering decisions in ADNDRC disputes. The combined efforts of all four offices of the ADNDRC bring together the specific geographic and substantial experience of ADNDRC into one document.”

Yang Fan, Chair of ADNDRC Standards and Practice Committee says, “We are glad to provide these guidelines reflecting the ADNDRC’s practices and experiences of all four offices to assist the panelists in drafting the UDRP decisions, as well as promoting the understanding of the UDRP procedure.”

The Guidelines are now available online. Please click the links below to access them.